From creative idea, to your new employees. 

We have experienced professionals in all key areas and we guarantee the quality of our work.

We will calculate the costs in advance,  prepare a long-term strategy,  including a detailed short-term plan. And even afterwards, we won’t leave you to your own devices, we will help you achieve your goals. Moreover, we will select new competent employees and train them appropriately to fullfill your strategy.

“I want my own marketer
and a strong strategy.”

“I’m building a marketing team with a clear vision.”

“I need a new expertise in my marketing team.”

“I need a project extern for my marketing team.”

Do you feel that you can’t make it without strategic marketing any longer?

Start straight with the entire team at the cost of one employee’s salary. We have many years of experience in a wide range of fields. Together, we will prepare a long-term strategy, a detailed implementation plan, define clear goals, and train one of your employees that we may also help identify. We will support you and guarantee your results.

Do you need to strengthen your marketing and are you worried about costly investments in quality employees?

Minimize risks through an external team of specialists with experience from communication agencies as well as from leadership positions in the clients’ or their own companies. We will broaden the horizons and expertise of your existing resources, leverage the unbiased view of an external observer, and together, we will define a strong vision, including a concrete plan for its implementation. We will be happy to take care of the actual implementation and recruitment of new members of your team.

Are your marketing resources insufficient for the rapid development of your company?
We combine a wide range of specializations with strategic insight across segments. We address marketing communication from analysis through planning and implementation to evaluation, including searching for and training of human resources.
Do you have a functioning marketing team that can’t keep up?
We offer the option of hiring our agency part-time or for a specific project. Alternatively, we can quickly provide you with a suitable colleague with marketing experience in your field, while our agency of experienced marketing experts will provide support in the implementation of the set goals.

You can rely on

Strong team

Experience in the field of internal and external communication, corporate communication, PR, ATL, BTL, audiovisual production, event management and other fields.

Global reach

Preferred partner of the world's largest network Ketchum for the Czech Republic.

Long history

More than 25 years of experience in the local market.

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